Use Your Dental Insurance in Lititz, PA Before the End of the Year!

As we approach the holiday season, we’ve got two questions for you. Do you have dental insurance in Lititz, PA? And if so, have you used all of the benefits you’re owed in 2016? If the answer is no — or if you’re not really sure — it’s time to act. Mor Smiles is happy to be in-network with a number of dental insurance providers. Get in touch with your provider to learn what you’re eligible for this year, and then schedule an appointment at Mor Smiles.

Understanding Dental Insurance

The key to making the most out of your insurance benefits is understanding how your plan works. But isn’t it a headache? We’re here to help you cash in for the sake of your wallet — and your oral health.

Preventive dentistry is the foundation of healthy teeth and gums. That’s why your dental insurance benefits should cover two checkups and cleanings with a set of x-rays each year. When you attend these regular visits at Mor Smiles, your dental hygienist will remove the plaque and tartar that cause cavities and gum disease. And then your dentist will check for the signs of issues that require repair, like decay, infection, and signs of TMJ, teeth grinding, or oral cancer. Frequent attention prevents the need for complex, costly care later on.

Gum disease prevention is especially important for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Periodontitis has been linked to heart conditions, respiratory problems, pregnancy complications, and more. Fortunately, gum disease is easily treated when caught in its earliest stages.

How Dental Insurance Works

Dental insurance is pretty easy on your end. In exchange for the amount of money you pay regularly (your premium, usually paid monthly), you have a list of benefits you are eligible to receive for free or heavily discounted. Just pay any money that is due at the time you receive services, and your dentist receives reimbursement from the insurance provider later on.

You may have a deductible, or the amount of money you must pay out of pocket before your insurance will take effect. Your preventive care will probably fall outside of the deductible, but you should call your provider to find out for sure.

Once you have met your deductible, you will have an annual maximum. That’s the amount of money beyond which your dental insurance will not cover. Make sure you reach your annual maximum each year you meet your deductible to really maximize on your dental insurance. Most plans renew at the beginning of each year, so you will have to meet your deductible again beginning on January 1.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

November and December are the busiest months for dental practices, so don’t wait to schedule a visit with your dentist in Lititz, PA. Please contact your dental insurance provider or get in touch with your employer’s human resources department to find out what you are eligible for under your plan. Request your appointment today!


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