The Role of Digital Technology in Your Dental Care

The use of dental technology, such as Computed Tomography, Cone Beam CT and digital x-rays, is making waves in the dental field. Digital dentistry is the future of dentistry through the use of technology, like CT scanners and digital x-rays, to facilitate the dental process. By doing so, it makes the entire process of dental care faster, easier, and more affordable for comprehensive care. Simply put, advancements in dental technology is making going to the dentist more enjoyable. Your dentist in Lancaster, Dr. Moriarty, explains the importance of new technological advancements.

What are the Benefits to Digital Technology?

Everyone benefits from digital dental technology because today’s world is busy. No one has the time to sit around and wait. Digital technology allows dentists to save people time because people always want things that are faster, better, and cheaper. The best way to do that is by utilizing technology.

In addition, new technologies allow dentists to provide more comprehensive care with added comfort. Take impressions for example. Often, people have difficulty taking impressions because they can be uncomfortable due to the length of time it takes for the material to set-up. Not to mention, for people who had severely damaged teeth were unable to take impressions because the impression process could extract the teeth or cause severe discomfort.

Now, we bypass the entire impression process to use a simple digital scan. Using the scans, we are able to make dentures, crowns, and other prosthetics and restorations that would have otherwise required an impression. For those who have severely damaged teeth, there’s less risk and discomfort because the images we need are taken via a scanner. The process is simplified, including the restoration process. In the past, using impressions, the entire process may take two to three weeks. But now, the entire process and be completed in as little as an hour.

Digital technology also allows us to create more detailed treatment plans prior to undergoing the procedure for more accuracy. For example, we can plan the surgery process for someone who needs full extractions. We can create the full treatment plan within a millimeter of accuracy for more precise and quality results.

Digital Technology from Your Dentist in Lancaster

While digital technology has been in the process of development for years, such as digital radiology, technology like 3D printing and advancements with scanning appliances has made the use of digital technology more prevalent in the dental field, allowing dentists to utilize the technology a lot more than in the past. As time goes on and improvements are made, the technology will get more advanced, similar to the advancements made with computers and mobile devices.

Your family dentist in Lititz, MOR Smiles, embraces digital dentistry. With a digital scanner in-office and a milling unit to be added soon, comprehensive dental care will be streamlined. We’ll be able to offer our patients dental precision in addition to same-day dentistry.

To learn more about how our digital technology can aid your dental care, please contact your dentist in Lancaster at (717) 553-1793.


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