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Root Canal
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Model of teeth with roots at Mor Smiles in Lititz, PaThe pulp underneath a tooth can get infected for a number of reasons, which include excessive bacteria build-up, repeated dental procedures, a chipped or cracked tooth, and more. A root canal treatment intends to eliminate any bacteria or germs from an infected root canal, prevent the tooth from getting infected again, and save you from losing a natural tooth. When you undergo a root canal treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp tissue is removed, the inside of your tooth is carefully disinfected and then filled and sealed in its respective place with a crown. If you’re thinking of getting a root canal treatment, we at Mor Smiles are here to guide you.

Why You Need a Root Canal

When the nerve tissue of a tooth, also called the pulp, is damaged, it starts to break down, and bacteria begin to grow inside the pulp chamber. These bacteria and other decaying debris together can lead to an infection or tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is a condition where a pus-filled pocket forms at the end of a tooth’s root. Tooth abscess happens when the infection grows and spreads past the root ends of a tooth. Moreover, a root canal infection can also lead to swelling in other areas of the face, head, or neck, bone loss at the end of the tooth root, and drainage issues spreading outward from the root. The infection may also cut out a hole through the side of the tooth that drains into the gums or inside the cheek draining into the skin.

What Is The Procedure For Getting a Root Canal

For a root canal, it usually takes one or two visits to our office, but there’s only a slight chance that you will need extra visits because some cases are difficult to handle. We will take dental x-rays to check the extent of damage caused by the infection. You may also need a local anesthetic to control the pain, which can be more severe in case of tooth abscess. After checking whether your tooth can undergo a root canal, the procedure starts by placing a rubberlike sheet called a dental dam in your mouth to keep the tooth clean, secure and dry. Decay is then removed, and an opening is created through the crown to access the pulp chamber. Using intricate dental tools, the infected pulp is removed. It’s particularly important to note that contrary to common belief, root canals are not a painful procedure. They are, however, a pain-relieving procedure.

Are You a Candidate For a Root Canal?

Root canals are required for cracked teeth from genetics or injury, deep cavities, or problems from prior filling. Patients usually require a root canal when they observe their teeth are sensitive, especially to hot and cold. The following symptoms mean you may need a root canal: serious pain during chewing or biting, pimples on gums, chipped or cracked teeth, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold even after the food or liquid is removed, swollen or tender gums, and deep decay or darkening of gums.

Getting a root canal can make life much easier for those in need. To learn more about how you can get a root canal, call Mor Smiles at 223-258-5088 today and get your appointment.

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If you’re thinking of getting a root canal treatment, we at Mor Smiles are here to guide you! A root canal can make life much easier for those in need, call us today!
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