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Oral Cancer Screening

Woman looking at reflectionDiagnosis of oral cancer at an early stage helps to prevent further growth of cancerous cells and, thus, increases the odds of being cured. The purpose of an oral cancer screening is to look for abnormal growths in the mouth. If any are found, additional tests are required to identify these abnormalities. Underlying risk factors of the patient are also analyzed to determine whether or not the patient should undergo further tests and screening processes. Get in touch with Mor Smiles, if you are concerned about your oral cancer risk. Our professionals are here to help you.

What Is the Need For Oral Cancer Screening?

The main goal of an oral cancer screening is to detect precancerous lesions or mouth cancer at an early stage so it can be treated and cured. Precancerous lesions are quite easy to remove. At that stage, chances of cure are more likely. However, oral cancer screening should not be taken as treatment. It is done to detect oral cancer in the early states so the proper treatment can then be started.

People who are at high risk of developing oral cancer generally benefit greatly from oral cancer screening. The risk of oral cancer is higher in people who consume tobacco in any form (cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, snuff, etc.), drink alcoholic beverages, or have been previously diagnosed with oral cancer. It is also seen in people who have a very high exposure to sunlight. If you fall into this high-risk group, you need to get an oral cancer screening done just to be on the safe side.

Preparations For Oral Cancer Screening

Special preparations are not necessarily needed for oral cancer screening. The screening usually gets done during a routine dental appointment. During the screening exam, the oral cavity is inspected carefully to detect mouth sores or white and red patches. Only fresh and sterilized gloves are used during the screening test. The inside of the mouth is examined by hand to search for lumps or any type of abnormality. Along with the interior of the mouth, the neck and throat are also checked for lumps or abnormalities.

Additional Examinations and Tests During Oral Cancer Screening

Along with the physical examination of the mouth, additional tests might be conducted to screen for oral cancer. One such exam is the Oral Cancer Screening Light. In this exam, a light source will be placed directly inside the mouth so the dental professional can get a clear view. This light makes the abnormal tissues appear white while healthy tissue appears dark.

Oral Cancer Screening Dye is another effective screening process. With this method the patient is asked to rinse the mouth with blue dye just before the test. The abnormal cells will turn blue as they will take up the dye. A follow-up visit is usually recommended if any abnormality is detected during these exams. In some cases, patients might be asked to undergo a biopsy procedure. Do you want to find out more details about our oral cancer screening? Please call Mor Smiles at 223-258-5088 today to book an appointment!

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