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Dentistry for Kids
Lititz, Pa

A young boy smiling at Mor Smiles in Lititz, PaAlong with body organs, children’s teeth develop and form during the first six months after birth. By the time they reach the age of six or seven years old, most kids have lost their primary set of teeth and those “baby” teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. The onus is on the parents. Like adults, children need proper dental care. It’s up to the parents to teach their kids about healthy dental care practices. An absence of good dental care can lead to oral health issues and complications. Our team at Mor Smiles is providing the best dental care possible for kids. Come see our team and experience the difference.

Understanding the Significance of Pediatric Dentistry

It is a misconception that dental care is exclusive to grown-ups. Kids need adequate dental care to grow healthy teeth and gums. These practices also help them evade cavities and plaque formation. When started early, it also negates the fear that some people develop because they don’t know what happens when they visit the dentist. In some instances, kids may require intensive and long-term dental care. This may be necessary if a child is born with gum or teeth alignment defects. In some cases, a kid may require pediatric dentistry services if they develop a gum infection or a wisdom tooth grows in too early. Mishaps leading to damage to the gums and teeth can also necessitate pediatric dental intervention. Overlooking childhood dental issues can lead to complications.

Regular Oral Health Checkups

Parents who are aware of the importance of dental health bring their kids to us for periodic oral checkups. Even if your child shows no sign of gum or teeth problems, it is prudent to opt for bi-yearly dental checkups. These checkups may reveal underlying oral health issues and those can be thwarted before becoming severe.

Preventive Care

In pediatric dentistry, the concept of prevention being better than a cure is deemed vital. So, taking your kids for preventive dental checkups makes complete sense. The children are taught the nuances of brushing properly, caring for gums, and evading substances that can harm oral health. Apart from these, we check for signs of caries, cavities, and gum issues that you may not notice. The kids are also taught the correct way to floss to eliminate food particles and thwart plaque formation on teeth.

Procedures In Pediatric Dentistry

Much like adults, some kids may require undergoing specific dental procedures and these are covered in pediatric dentistry. For example, dental bonding is deployed to repair teeth that are discolored or slightly chipped. Crowning is a method used for enhancing the shape and strengthening of the teeth. It is like a cap that covers the tooth and is either made of metal, porcelain, or ceramic.

Pediatric Dental Issues Requiring Urgent Intervention

Sometimes, you may have to bring your kid to us to address dental emergencies of varying types. This can be a necessity if the kid has their teeth broken or chipped. Instances of toothache in kids are not uncommon. Getting the tooth checked by a dental professional is the first thing you must do in such situations.

If you want to know more about pediatric dentistry and our range of services, give Mor Smiles a call at 223-258-5088.

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Our team at Mor Smiles is providing the best dental care possible for kids. Come see our team and experience the difference. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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