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Dental Exam
Lititz, Pa

A dentist and patient during a dental exam at Mor Smiles in Lititz, PaDental exams are important for maintaining the health of your teeth. While it may seem easy to skip your dental exams when your schedule gets busy, missing out on these appointments will allow simple oral health problems to go unnoticed and multiply. When these oral health concerns are taken care of right away, you can enjoy a clean and healthy mouth for years to come. Mor Smiles can help set up your oral exam and keep those teeth healthy!

Why Have a Dental Exam Done?

Scheduling regular dental exams will help protect your oral health. Our team can catch oral conditions early on and fix them. Early detection and treatment help stop the condition before it spreads and costs you a lot of money and treatment down the road.

These exams may also help catch early signs and symptoms of systemic diseases. Diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis may show up in the mouth first. If our professionals find these indications, they may refer you to a doctor to receive proper treatment. Oral cancer screenings are also another important part of a dental exam.

When Should I Have My Dental Exam?

The American Dental Association recommends that you schedule your dental exams at regular intervals. Most dentists, including ours, recommend these exams once every six months. If you have a special condition that needs more care and attention, you may need to schedule these exams more often.

These dental exams are important whether you have your natural teeth or not. Your replacement teeth will remain useful for longer if our team has a chance to check on them and fix any issues quickly.

How Should I Prepare for My Dental Exam?

The more you know about the dental exam, the easier it is to prepare. Our professionals have worked with many patients over the years, ensuring they have the best experience possible.

To prepare, give us a call. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about scheduling, insurance providers, the types of exams and services we offer, or any other question you may have.

Consider collecting your dental history before visiting, if we do not already have it on file. While our team will do a thorough exam, it is helpful to know exactly how your teeth have done in the past and what exams and treatments you have completed.

What Will Happen During the Exam?

During the exam, our team will take time to evaluate your oral hygiene and see what your risk is for root decay or tooth decay. They may recommend tooth replacement or restoration if the problem is currently or becomes serious. Our dentist may also check for jaw problems, remove stains on the teeth, and explain proper cleaning techniques to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

We may opt to take new x-rays with each appointment. If your teeth remain healthy, we may choose to do x-rays only when we think it is necessary. Talk with our professionals if you have any concerns you would like them to check during the x-ray.

It is important to schedule regular dental exams to keep your teeth healthy and help them last a long time. When you are ready to schedule your exam, call Mor Smiles at 223-258-5088 today.

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Dental exams are important for maintaining the health of your teeth. Mor Smiles can help set up your oral exam and keep those teeth healthy! all us today!
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