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Benefits of Dental Implants

Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implantDental implants are used solely for replacing missing teeth. However, now they are also widely acknowledged for supporting dentures. According to people that use the latter, keeping dentures secure and stable inside the mouth can be an ordeal. While preventing dentures from slipping, the mouth becomes sore, and this can impact eating and speaking. Loosely placed or unsecured dentures can also cause oral injury if they slip. Fortunately, our doctors at Mor Smiles will offer a solution where tooth implants can stabilize dentures.

The Support and Fitting

Just a minimum of four implants are added into the mouth to anchor the dentures firmly. Our doctors carry out a small surgery to fix the implants into the jawbone, and once that is done, the teeth are left to heal on their own until they bond with the surrounding bone and become a permanent fixture. Special screws are then used to attach the dentures with implants, and the patient can easily take them off for cleanings and put them back in place. This not only maintains the removable advantage but also provides firmness like natural teeth.

The Denture-Implant Benefits

The denture installation process usually involves an implant of a prosthetic. During the surgery, our surgeon attaches a total of five to six implants, fixing them with titanium screws, into the patient's jawbone. The implant bonding with the natural bone is called the infusion process. The infusion process takes at least six months to complete.

Once the implants are firmly set to the individual's jawbone, our specialist attaches a special set of dentures on them that cannot be taken off without an expert's assistance. That is one of the main differences between regular dentures and the ones supported by implants. These devices have many other advantages like preventing bone and tissue loss since the implants keep stimulating gums, not needing any adjustment period, looking almost like natural teeth inside the patient's mouth, and allowing the patient to enjoy all of their favorite foods without having to worry always about getting the right foods that suit their oral condition.

Appointments and Care

After the interim dentures are installed into the patient's mouth, they are eventually taken out and replaced by the permanent ones that snap onto the implants. The procedure from implant installation to the placement of final dentures can take up to four to six months. This whole process involves a series of appointments with our experts.

The very first appointment is an assessment or consultation at our office where our doctors look into your dental implant needs. We will need to consider all sorts of information when deciding if implant support dentures are right for you. Sadly, not every person qualifies as a candidate for implant-dentures. Before the procedure follows, our doctors will need to make sure the patient's jawbone tissue is healthy enough to sustain a prosthetic. Bone grafting is sometimes used if the patient does not have enough tissue to stabilize implants. If you are currently wondering whether you qualify for a dental prosthetic or not, call our number 223-258-5088 and book an appointment with our oral hygienist at Mor Smiles today.

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