Healthy Snacks for Your Teeth from Your Dentist in Lancaster

We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” but this isn’t limited to just your overall health. The foods and drinks you consume play a direct role in your oral health. The foods you select can contribute to tooth decay or help combat it– depending on the choices you make. As your family dentist in Lititz, Dr. Moriarty wants to see your family have healthy, beautiful smiles. He has healthy snack time alternatives to promote your oral health.

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Eating an unbalanced diet with foods that contain carbohydrates, sugars, and starches are known to increase acid found in plaque. This acid eats away at tooth enamel, eventually causing a cavity to form. While the majority of foods contain sugar, such as fruits and vegetables, they are necessary sugars that are needed in the body. To protect your oral health, you need to avoid unhealthy sugars, such as those found in cookies, soda, and many snack items.

Sugar is among the main things to avoid, which is easy because there are many healthy alternatives to sugar. Simple small choices are a lot better for your teeth, whether for school snacks for kids or snacks for adults. Fruit snacks are a common snack, but they are like an adhesive and stick to the teeth, which causes the acid levels in your mouth to increase. Instead of fruit snacks, choose fresh fruit, like strawberries or kiwi. Fresh fruit is not only better for your teeth, but also your overall health. Try to include a large variety of colors when selecting your fruit.

Cookies and crackers have a similar effect as fruit snacks. They create a paste-like residue in your mouth, which easily gets in between the teeth. As it sits in hard to reach places, it demineralizes the teeth, causing cavities. Alternatively, choose fresh vegetables or cheese, which will actually help to neutralize acid levels in the mouth.

Starches like chips and pretzels breakdown into sugar in the mouth, which eat away at enamel. Instead, try apples and peanut butter as a healthy snack. The crispiness of apples will help cleanse the teeth to a certain degree. In addition, apples aid with saliva production, which is the body’s natural way of cleansing the teeth.

Sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks contain a lot of sugar. While many people switch to diet drinks thinking they are better, they do have higher acidity that non-diet beverages. While diet drinks do have less sugar, the acid levels are worse than the sugar at breaking down the teeth. When you need a drink, water is always the best option. However, everyone wants something sweet from time to time. You can then add flavor to the water or there are fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies still contain sugar, but not as much as sodas, sports drinks, or most juices. Plus, smoothies are healthier than soda, giving your overall health a boost.

Your Family Dentist in Lititz

Dr. Moriarty wants to see your family have a healthy beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Choose healthy snack alternatives to protect your smile.


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