Facial Esthetics

At Mor Smiles, we care about not only your dental health but also your general well-being. To boost your confidence and give you a flawless look, we also provide services that aim to enhance your facial appearance. Due to our training and advanced technology, we can offer procedures that can be finished in a single office visit and full face rejuvenation that is accomplished over time. We provide non-surgical, cutting-edge facial aesthetic procedures that can significantly improve the fullness of your skin and reduce fine wrinkles. Our treatments also target acne and skin damage. We aim to ensure our patients are happy when they leave our Lititz, Pennsylvania clinic. When they see themselves in the mirror, they will be at ease with their appearance.
facial esthetics


Botox injections are intended to minimize forehead and eye wrinkles. Botox is an FDA-approved drug injected into the muscle to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Results from our straightforward treatment can be seen within days and can persist for up to 3–4 months. Patients may also notice a decrease in facial pain as the muscles relax, in addition to fewer creases and wrinkles. Stress-related jaw joint pain or bruxism pain may reduce. This may lessen headaches and migraines.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, our skin naturally loses some of these vital elements to maintain it looking young, plump, and hydrated. By increasing the volume and suppleness of the skin, hyaluronic acid injections are used to smooth out the skin, fill in the lips, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. These injections are called dermal fillers. Our team at Mor Smiles will walk you through the process. We will provide you with the right amount of fillers your skin requires. In doing so, our team will assess your skin and the trouble spots. The application of a dermal filler treatment typically takes 20 to 40 minutes. Although it often takes up to two weeks, most patients immediately notice a difference. Results frequently persist for four to six months. In some circumstances, treatment may cause a natural response to produce more collagen, extending the duration of results.
dermal fillers