The 411 on Dental Insurance From Your Dentist in Lancaster

family relaxing by the poolAre you and your family covered under a dental insurance plan? If so, that’s a real benefit for everyone’s smile. Your dentist in Lancaster knows people who have dental insurance are far more likely to enjoy better oral health and a smile that lasts for life.

There are some keys to maximizing on your dental plan, though. Many adults let their benefits slip away each year simply because they are unsure exactly how their dental insurance works. Step one is finding a dentist who is in-network with or accepts your insurance.

At Mor Smiles, we are happy to work with a number of the nation’s top insurance plans. See our full list of participating providers to find out if yours is one of them.

Visiting a dentist who is in-network with your provider ensures you receive your benefits right off the bat. You may still be able to receive the same discounts visiting an out-of-network provider, but you will first have to file a claim and wait for reimbursement weeks or even months later. Some reimbursements never come.

Know What You’re Eligible For

In exchange for a premium, or the fixed amount of money you pay to your dental insurance company monthly, you will receive a list of services that you can receive for free or heavily discounted.

Because preventive treatments like checkups and cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments help you avoid the need for costly, complex care later on, most of these services are completely free with dental insurance.

If you need a restorative treatment like a filling, root canal, extraction, or anything else, your dental insurance plan should cover up to 80% of the cost.

Elective treatments like cosmetic dentistry services are usually not covered under a dental insurance plan. Braces may be eligible for coverage, though.

Maximize on Your Investment

Our team can help you understand the specifics of your dental insurance plan to ensure you don’t let your benefits go to waste every year.

Make sure you are scheduling and attending two checkups and cleanings annually. These visits are key to building a healthy smile — and since they are free with insurance, there’s really no reason to skip them.

Around the end of the year, we will also remind you that most dental insurance plans are set to renew annually on January 1. That means if you have met your deductible, or the amount you have to reach before your dental insurance will start paying for care, you should try to reach your annual maximum, too. We will take a look at your overall treatment plan to help you determine the best method for maximizing on your insurance benefits each year.

Questions About Dental Insurance?

We hope you feel free to talk to us about your dental insurance in Lancaster at any time! Our office manager, Evelyn, is an expert in insurance benefits and she’ll help you make the most out of your plan. Contact Mor Smiles to get started saving today!


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