It’s Time to Relax, Says Your Dentist in Lancaster County

portrait of a woman smiling in a fieldIt’s no surprise that the majority of people don’t like having dental work performed. Your dentist in Lancaster County sees the evidence every day — and when that fear or anxiety gets in the way of routine dental care, it becomes a significant problem.

Six month checkups and cleanings alongside routine general dentistry services as needed are crucial for avoiding the need for costly, complex care over a lifetime. If you avoid the dentist’s like the plague, it’s easy for small problems to turn into large (and potentially uncomfortable) emergencies.

There has to be a solution — and there is, with sedation dentistry. It’s the use of medication to help put you at ease in the dental chair, letting you relax and allowing your dentist to work more efficiently and effectively. Keep reading to learn about two popular methods: oral conscious and IV sedation.

Your Options in Sedation

You have options when it comes to relaxing at the dentist’s. The sedation method that is right for you depends on a few factors, including the procedure that is being performed, your level of anxiety on the day of the appointment, and your personal preference.

One popular sedation option is oral conscious sedation. It works using a pill you take orally about an hour before your appointment. By the time you have arrived at the office (driven safely by someone not under the influence of anxiety-relieving medication), you are ready to settle into the chair without any fear.

You may doze when you are under oral conscious sedation, but you are still awake and able to respond to any questions your dentist may have.

For people who deal with considerable anxiety or those who wish to combine several procedures in a single appointment, IV (intravenous) sedation may provide a better option. With this method, the medication is administered directly into the vein and can easily be controlled throughout the treatment. You may feel like you’re unconscious, but it’s what we call “twilight sleep.” You will still be able to respond to any questions or commands throughout the appointment.

What to Know Before Getting Sedation Dentistry

You don’t have to make many special preparations before undergoing an appointment with sedation dentistry. If you’re undergoing oral conscious sedation, you’ll need to arrange a ride to and from your appointment. You’ll be able to drive to your appointment with IV sedation, but make sure you have someone to take you home and keep an eye on you throughout the rest of the day.

Is It Right for You?

Sedation dentistry can be a wonderful resource for patients with mild to severe dental fear or anxiety. People with mobility issues or who experience discomfort reclining in the examination chair for long periods of time can also benefit from oral conscious or IV sedation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your sedation dentist in Lancaster to discuss whether or not it’s right for you.

About the Author

Dr. Sean Moriarty is committed to providing personalized, high quality, and comforting dental care. To learn more about sedation dentistry or to discuss how we can help you alleviate your dental fear or anxiety, you are invited to contact your dentist in Lancaster at 717-961-5767.


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