Your Dentist in Lancaster County: Sensitive Teeth? Avoid These Foods

A woman drinking coffee.It’s unfortunate that some of our favorite foods can do the most damage to teeth. Obviously, foods high in sugar content will rot your teeth faster than others, but did you know that you could be at greater risk or tooth enamel wear if you have sensitive teeth? We know now that a majority of our oral health is predisposed by your genes, which means you may be less equipped to fight tooth decay and gum disease than your peers, regardless of your at-home oral care.

To protect your oral health and prevent discomfort associated with teeth sensitivity, your dentist in Lancaster County lists the foods to watch out for.

Soda and Coffee

When it comes to beverages, soda does zero favors for your mouth. Not only does the acidity of the syrup and sugar wear down your tooth enamel, it also causes sensitivity and dries out your mouth, making it easier for bacteria to thrive.

If you ever drink hot coffee, you’ll feel the effects of sensitivity almost immediately. If you must drink coffee, add milk in it or wait for it to cool down before consuming. Keep lukewarm water nearby to wash off surface stains as well.

Ice Cream

Tooth sensitivity is most commonly felt when consuming very hot or very cold foods. If your tooth enamel is worn down, foods like ice cream will be quite difficult to eat, especially in large amounts. Once you look at the sugar content on the label, swapping this dessert for something healthier should be a breeze.

Hard or Sticky Candy

Not only is the high amount of sugar in candy detrimental to your oral health, it can actually crack or chip your teeth if you aren’t careful.  Consuming these foods will also stimulate the nerves in your tooth’s dentine, a material similar to enamel but not as hard. The more exposed your nerves become, the worse the sensitivity will feel.

Citrus Fruits and Tomatoes

Your parents and teachers probably said that eating fruits regularly was good for your health. However, they may have forgotten to mention how certain fruits can put your tooth enamel at risk due to their acidity. Fruits like:

  • Pineapple
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • And limes

can wear down your tooth enamel and make your teeth feel sensitive. Look out for tomatoes and tomato sauces as well as these can cause sensitivity and stain your teeth in the process.

Chewing Ice

For some reason, chewing ice is satisfying for many people. What people don’t realize is that chewing ice can crack or chip your teeth if done too often. Instead of chewing ice, opt for sucking on it and letting it slide down your throat instead. This is a much safer method if you struggle to break the habit.

Do you notice your teeth becoming sensitive lately? Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Lancaster County to learn which treatments could benefit you!

About the Author

Dr. Sean Moriarty completes over 100 hours of additional education annually to provide his patients the best dental care possible. After graduating from the Maurice H. Kornberg to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, he became inspired to maintain a life-long commitment to learning the latest dental research and techniques. To learn more about tooth sensitivity, contact him at (717) 961-5767 or visit his website.


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