How Long Does It Take for Dental Implants in Lancaster?

illustration of a dental implantLet’s talk about dental implants in Lancaster for a second — they are the best choice you can make whether you are missing one, two, or an entire row of teeth. Nothing else replaces your entire tooth structure from the root up.

Dental implants work by fusing together with your existing oral structures to provide the ultimate in stability for your new teeth. It’s a pretty amazing process, and it’s also one that takes several months to complete. Patients agree that the many benefits of dental implants make the waiting period worth it.

The total length of your dental implant procedure depends on several factors, from how healthy your jawbone is to the type of implant that’s being placed. Keep reading to learn about the variables that can affect how long it takes to get dental implants.

Preparatory Procedures

It’s not uncommon to need a procedure before you can get dental implants. If your teeth have been missing for a while, if you have had serious gum disease, or if there is not much space in your jaw to begin with, a bone graft or sinus lift can help create the perfect environment for your dental implants. These bone augmentation procedures can add several months to the entire treatment time for dental implants, but sometimes the implant post can be placed on the same day.


After the dental implant posts have been placed, your gums are closed and the healing process begins. Over the next several months, the titanium post will promote the production of bone cells to help the implant fuse with your jaw. Osseointegration occurs over the period of four to six months, depending on your health and where in the jaw the implant is located. You may wear a temporary tooth replacement during this recovery period.

Final Restoration

Once osseointegration is complete, you will visit your dentist in Lancaster once more for the placement of abutments that connect the implant posts with the prosthetic tooth or teeth. Your gum tissue will usually need a couple of weeks to heal from this final stage. After one more brief healing period, it’s time for the final restoration — or the completion of the dental implant process.

It All Adds Up to…

Dental implant procedures take anywhere from six to 12 months to complete, or sometimes even longer. If you do not need a bone graft before getting dental implants and you are also in good oral and overall health, you can probably expect it to be on the shorter end. Your implant dentist in Lancaster will help you know what to expect for your treatment.

About the Author

Dr. Sean Moriarty is a highly qualified dental implant dentist serving patients in Lititz and the surrounding communities. To learn more about this comprehensive tooth replacement option and whether or not it is right for you, you are invited to contact Mor Smiles at 717-961-5767.


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