What Are the Health Benefits of Dental Implants in Lancaster?

Dental implants in Lancaster offer a comprehensive replacement. Missing teeth shouldn’t take a bite out of your life. But if you don’t seek a stable replacement soon, you may find tooth loss affects everything from your diet to your self confidence and how you feel about speaking and smiling. The benefits of dental implants in Lancaster are undeniable — especially when it comes to your health. Dr. Sean Moriarty strongly recommends the tooth replacement option for eligible candidates. Keep reading to find out why.

Dental Implants Are a Whole Tooth Solution

When you have lost a tooth, you are missing two parts: the visible crown, and the root that supports it. Replacing both is crucial for your continued oral health. Without a root to provide blood flow and stimulation to the jawbone, your body assumes the nutrients are no longer needed and sends them elsewhere. The result? A shrinking, degenerating jawbone and the sunken look we associate with older age.

By giving you back your missing tooth as well as its crown, dental implants provide the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and whole for decades to come. In this way, dental implants promote oral health and can keep your remaining natural teeth healthy and in place.

A Fit That Lasts from the Dentist in Lancaster

Dental implants fit just like they should right from the start and for decades after their placement. Unlike traditional dentures, implants are unlikely to cause painful oral sores due to slippage and a poor fit. Aside from causing real discomfort, oral sores also increase your risk of infection. Dental implants are also easy to brush and floss without any special techniques — and that means patients are more likely to maintain good dental hygiene over time.

Eat What You Like, When You Like

Even the best-fitting denture often cannot support something like biting into a fresh apple or eating corn straight off the cob. But these are two of life’s biggest pleasures — and you deserve to enjoy all the fresh foods you want! Because they mimic the natural tooth structure, dental implants are sturdy enough to withstand all of the eating habits you are used to. And when you are able to eat a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthful items, you just feel better.

Benefits of a Confident Smile

Tooth loss can cause depression, anxiety, or just make you feel reluctant to speak and smile. In addition to supporting a balanced, nutritious diet, dental implants also increase your self confidence by giving you back your healthy, natural-looking smile. People who feel good about their teeth are more likely to show them off, and the health benefits of smiling are well-documented — like reduced stress, released negativity, and even increased productivity.

How Can I Get Started with Dental Implants?

If you are interested in completing your smile with dental implants, don’t hesitate to find out if you are a candidate! Dr. Moriarty is the implant dentist Lancaster trusts. Request an appointment at Mor Smiles today!


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